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[For entire garden]

Work by 1 gardener: from 30,000 yen

Work by 2 gardeners: from 60,000 yen
Work by 3 gardeners: from 90,000 yen

[For single unit]

Shrub (within 3m in height): from 4,000 yen / tree

Medium tree (3m-5m in height): from 8,000 yen / tree

Tall tree (height of 5m or more): from 20,000 yen / tree

​※ The prices above are tax excluded.

In the following cases, additional charges will apply:
- When caring for large trees exceeding 6.5 meters.
- When reshaping trees pruned by trimming into a shaped form through branch removal pruning.

For pine, cedar, plum, and maple trees, the price will vary depending on the pruning method.

If you handle the waste disposal yourself, there will be no disposal fee. However, please note that we do not accept tasks such as arranging to a specific size, bagging, or tying with a string.

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